About Us

About Us

Springold ‘The Luxury Café (TLC) is the brainchild of Bun Maska India integrated into Springold Hospitalities Pvt Ltd. Springold Hospitalities Pvt Ltd is a company managed and operated by passionate and enthusiastic founders with interests in diverse businesses and investments. Springold TLC is founded to cater the growing demand of luxury café experience which includes utilization of premium AAA 100 % Arabica coffee in a luxurious Roman interior with a mellow and rich feel to top up with well trained staff to provide quality service. Our highly skilled staffs are equipped to handle every step of bringing the perfect cup of coffee to you.

The steps include right from sourcing the right coffee beans to air roasting them for a perfect aroma and taste, then brewing the coffee in the finest Italian machines served in a world class ambience. Springold TLC serves cold and hot: Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Luxury beverages, Luxury teas and freshly prepared sandwiches, pastas and flat breads to add with confectionaries. We have implemented a module to maintain and upgrade the quality of the products we offer at the Springold TLC to execute the module at multiple locations reaching out to mass and cater them a luxurious experience with realistic pricing. Springold Hospitalities Pvt Ltd envisions to expand the Springold TLC brand in all Metropolitan cities in India and abroad maintaining the standards and quality inherited by the first Springold TLC outlet since its inception.

Springold TLC is the only ‘luxury café’ in India with immense potential to expand and operate at various locations eventually adding value to the site of its opening. It is a valuable brand with thousands of loyal customers adding footfall and businesses to the location and its surroundings. Springold TLC is an ideal brand to collaborate, represent and operate at your property with definite affirmative results. Springold hospitalities Pvt Ltd has a vision to open 20 Springold TLC outlets in Mumbai, 300 outlets in India and 500 outlets worldwide in a short span.

our team


(Visionary, Co-founder and Managing Director)


Sahil Thakkar love for business and entrepreneurship started from and early age. He was the third person to own a commodity exchange membership in India. His natural business skills earned a career and reputation in commodity and stock market, during this time he completed his education from Shalom International University (Panchgani, Maharashtra)


Enterpreneurship and business:

In 2006, Sahil’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for hospitality let him to start a small restaurant in Mumbai (India). Within couple of years he expanded and had six more restaurants across India with the help of his partners.


In 2012 he started shifting his focus more on café industry, Bunmuska India was formed along with a friend to do through research and development on how to develop an auto-pilot café module. Bunmaska had three outlets in Mumbai with three different modules to research, out of which one was finalized for expansion. After three years of research in 2017, Mr. Sahil and his close friends formed a company named Springold Hospitalities Pvt. Ltd. Which took over Bunmaska India & its entire business with a motive of opening chain of luxury café outlets in India and abroad.


(Co-Founder and Full Time Director)


Mr. Naitik Faria has graduated as Bachelors of Commerce from University of Mumbai in 2009, along with studies he joined his family business of STONE MINING where he developed good skills in Risk and Production management, accounts and sales. In 2012 Mr. Faria became a Certified Financial Planner with FPSB India and he joined a stock and finance company where his financial knowledge enhanced.


Entrepreneurship and business:

Mr. Faria’s interest in food made him pursue his passion to enter hospitality industry starting his entrepreneur skills by founding Bun Maska India with his friend in 2012. Mr. Faria combined his penchant for food and business acumen excelling in hospitality industry eventually opening three outlets with different research modules.

In 2017, one of the research modules was expanded and Naitik Faria & friends formed SPRINGOLD HOSPITALITY PRIVATE LIMITED which took over BUNMUSKA & its entire business with a motive of opening a chain of luxury cafés in India and abroad.


Mrs. Kavita Amit Sawant

non executive director

She holds a Bachelors Degree in Arts from SNDT Women's University, Santacruz, Mumbai. She also done Diploma in Fashion Designing, from IIAFT (Indian Institute of Art & Fashion Technology), Andheri, Mumbai & Graphic Designing course from MHIT (Maharashtra Institute of Technology), Andheri, Mumbai.

She has worked for Audioplus, Mumbai (sister concern of Ahuja, Delhi), through various departments, and has more than 10 years of experience in the field of marketing, managing events & graphic designing.

Presently, she is providing freelance services in graphic designing for various companies.